Nikita : Fashion photoshoot at the Four Seasons Bora Bora

My job is never the same. I never know what to expect and that’s I what love the most.

When Nikita opened the door of her bungalow, she had some very specific fashion editorial pictures in mind and after I listened to her, she dragged me into her creative world and I got ready for a photographic roller-coaster of different scenarios, histories and moods.

The first assignment was to capture a picture of her wrapped only with a bed sheet. Messy hair and a sensual look. I could imagine already the caption of the pictures in Instagram “Don’t pack any clothes because baby, you’re never gonna leave this bed” 🙂 Perfect for honeymooners I thought and smiled to myself.

The second assignment was an ethereal and romantic look, her running, spinning and dancing barefoot with a long light soft dress in the beach, mountain Otemanu in the background, softer outlines and colours, a reminiscent memory or a dream.

The third picture was fun, she had this custom straw hat with the words “Wish you were here” written so we headed to the beach and shot in a way that looks like she was only wearing the hat. It was challenging not to show her bikini underneath and the song of Pink Floyd “wish you where here” was playing in my head.

The fourth one was something wild and sexy, her in the middle of the lush vegetation of the jungle, through the leaves of the palm threes, wearing a crochet bikini with hundred shells on it. So island girl chic!

The last one was her in the blue lagoon with an elegant black swimming suit and her hair wet. We took some over-under water photos with the fish and we finished in the warm sand with the most soft delicate light for a perfect sensual look, to end the amazing shooting.

WOW! One shooting, 2 hours, 5 different moods, 5 different locations, 5 different outfits, what a nice creative exercise for a photographer. Thank you Nikita, I felt like I was shooting for Vogue 🙂

And what about you? I create stories, let me tell yours!