Dawn, Scott, Jackson & Sawyer : Family Shoot & trash the dress at Intercontinental Thalasso Bora Bora

“We actually decided on a trip to Bora Bora just as a vacation at first. While doing research on TripAdvisor and Instagram I came across your website, and that’s when I wanted to do a renewal and a trash the dress shoot. I laid the dress in a box type suitcase, the hardcover ones so it wouldn’t get smashed.  It was my real wedding dress.  We had a very small ceremony in Tahoe (California)  and the dress didn’t cost that much.  Although the dress wasn’t ruined after the shooting because I wasn’t planning on bringing it home  I cut a long piece of lace off the train to keep after and gave the dress to the Intercontinental Thalasso for donation.

The shoot was amazing and fun. I’ve never had so many comments and compliments my social media accounts. I’ve had friends tell me that they’ve shown the pictures to their family and friends. The favorites seem to be the underwater ones where there are fish swimming around, and the one where we are jumping into the water. No one has ever seen half under water shots like that with a wedding dress and fish. Our boys love showing everyone the pictures. We have printed and hung them all over the house and at my husbands office (more compliments from business colleagues there as well).

It’s great because they’re wedding photos with our whole family instead of just the two of us. Makes more sense to have them in our house. I just received a collage I had done for our house.

I”m not a wedding person,  I’m a honeymoon person and  I definitely  recommend doing a trash the dress shoot because the pictures are way better than any pictures you would get from a typical ceremony.  I think the experience and memories outweigh a dress sitting in a box forever. After we booked the shoot, I wore my dress around the house a few times for the fun of it and to make sure I wouldn’t miss it.

Absolutely no regrets. “

– Dawn Frisbie