Elena’s Coconut Paradise in Bora Bora

Elena is a lucky girl living in Bora Bora. She loves polynesian culture and knows the island pretty well. She loves traveling to enjoy the beauty of the place. Those trips triggered the idea of shooting coconut trees. Coconut tree has a special meaning in Polynesian culture. While going around the island, Elena fell in love with several particular places where coconut trees are so magic, gorgeous and having a special spirit.

Spot # 1 Spirit ‘Wild Coconut Forest’

A coconut forrest makes us feeling the power. Polynesian legends say a coconut tree came from the head of a giant eel evil prince. The head was cut and put to the ground and a coconut tree rose. Suffering from thirst, the princess Hina kissed the coconut to drink its water. 

Spot #2 Spirit ‘Care of Coconut’

Coconut tree is a treasure . Associated with strength, stability and safety. 

The tree gives water to drink, food to eat, oil to cure the body. People invented hundreds ways of using coconut in life: sewing clothes, hand-making accessories (bags, hats etc), constructing houses, etc. 

Spot #3 Spirit ‘Bridge to the Sky’ 

At this place, super high coconut trees touch the sky by escalating over the ocean. Trees are located just on the coast. This spot definitely takes your breath away! Magic feeling of the beauty surrounds you giving happiness and calmness.

Spot #4 Spirit ‘Mountain Power in the middle of the Pacific’

Geologically, Bora Bora is a volcano. The Otemanu mountain is the most recognisable symbol of the Island! While in Bora Bora, you can see the mountain from any side of the lagoon. Looking at the mountain you feel its energy and enjoy the magnificent contours of rocks. 

Spot #5 Spirit ‘Lagoon’s 50 shades of Blue’

Bora Bora is white sand  beaches and 50 shades of blue of the lagoon! Feel the vibes of blue colors and shades. See how lagoon’s view is changing every minute. You will never get bored with this blue beauty! Catch the moment at Matira Beach and enjoy the paradise by looking on the ocean treasure, nature’s creature.